Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture – Review

Neutrogena oil-free moisture for combination skin – Review

A little bit about the Story of Neutrogena which interested me -

Neutrogena is a cosmetics company in USA, now  owned by Johnson & Johnson. Neutrogena had its beginnings during 1930 when its founder Emanuel Stolaroff, founded a cosmetic company known as Natone.

In 1954 on a business trip to Europe, Stolaroff heard of an unusual soap developed by Dr. Edmond Fromont, a Belgian cosmetic chemist. Fromont’s patented formula produced an unusually mild, clear soap that rinsed quickly and easily from the skin, leaving essentially no soap residue. Eleven minutes after washing with this unique soap, the skin was able to return to its normal pH – just one minute more than if it had been washed with only plain water! Hence the name, “Neutrogena.”

So basically what Neutrogena stands for is their claim of keeping the pH balance of the skin. Sounds healthy to me. Although I hadn’t tried any neutrogena products before buying this moisturizer, I gave it a try after reading the label.

What is claims on the back label ?

Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture for Combination Skin is a lightweight, dual-action formula that moisturizes dry areas while it controls oily shine.
First, this dermatologist-tested formula moisturizes where skin is dry, without leaving it oily or shiny. Then, a special oil-absorbing Microsponge® system controls oil and shine in the T-Zone—or wherever else skin is oily.

Skin feels softer, smoother. Has a natural, matte finish throughout the day.

  • Oil-free
  • Non-comedogenic (won’t clog pores)
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Fragrance-free


It costs about $ 8 – 10 USD  for a 4oz  (118 ml) pump bottle. Which is quite reasonable considering how long the bottle lasts. For me it lasted for more than 2 months, used twice daily.

Take my word for it -

I like this moisturizer for my oily, acne-prone skin. As the company claims, the formula is really non-greasy and light weight, spreads and gets absorbed easily. Whatever the Microsponge system is in there, it works. Makes my skin a little taut and matte for some time after applying it.


  1. Does not clog the pores
  2. Controls the shine for a good amount of time
  3. Did not cause me to break out
  4. No artificial fragrance or color
  5. Does not make the skin over-dry
  6. Very small quantity needed, so the bottle lasts for a long time
  7. Reasonable price and easily available
  8. Alcohol free
  9. Good to use underneath the makeup


  1. The ingredients list is full of  ‘cones’ and ‘parabens’, which I don’t like at all.
  2. No SPF, so need to use a sunblock over it
  3. Not suitable in dry weather
  4. My skin returns to its oily self pretty quick in humid weather

Rating and Recommendation -

I rate it 8/10, pretty good score, isn’t it?

People with oily and combination skin should give it a try without a doubt. Evenif it is not an organic product, I’d still repurchase it because it doesn’t give me breakouts or whiteheads and provides enough suppleness. I can just apply this after cleansing and forget about oilyness when I am indoors. It would probably work fine for dry skins too, in humid weather.

Good to find a moisturizer that works for a problematic oily skin.

Which moisturizer do you use?






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