ENTER Christmas Celebrity Pageant contest GIVEAWAY

UPDATE : The contest is still open for unlimited time till we get atleast 15 entries, otherwise its just a fun thread of fashion posts.

Entries -

1) Entry 1 Men’s Fashion OOTD (Outfit of the day)

2) Entry 2 Ladies Fashion Look
This is my first independent giveaway on this blog. I was trying to come up with something fun rather than the mundane chores like following and subscribing for entering the giveaway. Not that I don’t want the publicity and following that comes with the chores, but something creative and personal would be nice. We know everybody by their blogs, but why not get to know them as people? I ‘d love to have a friendly little circle of like-minded people who are more than just bloggers, evenif its a group of just 10 people.

So here’s THE idea.

We all love to look good to our best, if not like the celebrities. But the media ain’t dying out there to click our snaps and publish them. So lets do it ourselves!!!

How to enter? Very simple!

1) Just dress up and make up nicely the way you would for an event like a Christmas Party. Doesn’t have to be a red and white Christmas color theme.

2) Get your decent snaps taken, for ladies, preferably one face shot and one full shot or even more snaps taken from different angles. It is ok if you already have some photos ready with you that you are confident about. Just that they can’t be more than 6 months old. Still fresher the better.

3) Write a break up of what make up you have used, dress description, where you got it, inspired by a celebrity or any other source, any story related to the look, for example tell us if your loved one gifted you the dress, anything at all related to your look. No word limit, but some info needed. Write it in a word document.

4) Send the word document and the photographs attached separately alongwith your name, age, location and website link if you have any, on this email id – smartdiva79@gmail.com

The contest starts on 28 Nov and ends on 25 Dec.

That’s all!

Then what?

1) I will post each and every entry on http://beautysecrets-reviewed.com/ as I receive them, alongwith your photographs and the info. If your entry is not posted within 2 days please do remind me about it.

2) Make sure to check out other participant’s entries too and comment for them. Consider how you would feel if nobody commented that you look nice or otherwise, give them any suggestions if you feel like it.

3) Vote for them as ‘VOTE <entry name>’ in the comments if you like their style.

4) And the entry with most votes obviously wins. Winner will be declared on 27 Dec.

5) Out of the prize options I had, Clinique pouch is the most liked one. So that will be your prize as a winner who will be our Christmas Celebrity. Among other participants, if they are bloggers, they will get a link back to their blog. Win-win deal for all, isn’t it? You are free to share your own entry on your blog if you wish to show off a little more. :)

Rules -

1) Photos must be clear, well focused and aesthetically taken. No obscenity.

2) Atleast two photos needed, you can be in different attires in them but provide the details about make up, jewelry, shoes and dress up etc .

3) The contest can be prized only if I receive 15 entries minimum. Bloggers will get the link backs no matter what.

4) I’ll have to reconsider the prize option at the time of shipping it to you if I run into any problem like stock unavailability, shipping possibility etc. The contest is being sponsored by a local cosmetics chain, they are in the process of building their website so can’t provide their link yet. If the shipping to a certain country costs more than the other, then I’ll have to choose some other option that doesn’t exaggerate the end expense that I am bearing. In such case a $20 Amazon gift card would be the best option.

5) To my delight, some guys have shown interest in participating. Guys are most welcome too. Ofcourse, the prize option will change if a guy wins. The votes are going to decide that. Ladies pull your men in :)

That’s it for now.

Now go on and pretty yourself up. You have got until 25thDec, but the sooner the better, you have a better chance of getting more votes.

Have fun with it!!!!





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