Do it Beyonce Knowles’s style

Beyonce, this stylish, curvy, charismatic, talented ‘Destiny’s child’  is my all time favorite fashion icon and a style diva.  Not only she is a rocking singer, but has the most elegant and daring sense of style and knows how to carry it on her bootylicious-self. Alonwith Jennifer Lopez she proves that the wafer-thin, anorexic body-types are just a fad and the real women with curves are here to stay, be it on the red carpets, ramps or corporate offices.

Here are some of her pictures I liked or disliked. Tell me what you think about them.

1) The 52nd Annual Grammy Awards

Beyoncé, in Stéphane Rolland.

Gotta love the dress!!!! Makeup, jewelery everything perfect. The puffy sleeves make her shoulders make look broader. But overall just gorgeous. 4 stars from me.

2) The Cinema Society’s Obsessed Screening

Beyoncé Knowles, in Balmain.

She is so confident carrying an off-shoulder dress, being a little heavier on top. Dress accentuates her curves elegantly without making it tawdry. Like the simple makeup and no jewelery look.

5 stars form me.

3) Beyonce’ Live at Roseland

Suddenly being pregnant seems so attractive. All of us who crib about hormones, mood swings, acne, weight gain have some hope of looking gorgeous while being pregnant.  I don’t like the dress so much, what is that golden triangle poking out from behind? But the shape compliments her pregnant tummy and the pregnancy weight she has put on.

My most favorite part is her face! She looks like she has stolen all the pregnancy glow in the world from other preggy women. The make up is almost nude and tones down the contrast highlighted hair. All in all 5 Stars look.

4) The 66th Annual Golden Globe Awards

Beyoncé Knowles, in Elie Saab Haute Couture.

Ooooh absolutely to drool over! Dress is so sexy and feminine with the cut and design. Necklace fabulous too. Maybe the cleavage should have been covered a bit, attracts the attention for the wrong reasons. 4 stars look.

5) 2008 GRAMMY Awards

Beyoncé Knowles, in Elie Saab

Beautiful mermaid dress, silver patch work is tasteful, goes great with the bracelet and earrings. Nice, flowy chiffon fabric is very fairy-like. I think brunette hair rather than blond would have gone better with the dress color. But still 5 star look.

6) Just getting somewhere…..

I want that outfit in my wardrobe. So simple, casual, easy to wear, urban and chic. Oh I could use many more adjectives to describe this one! Perfect pair of jeans, simple white shirt and contrasting red blazer. The dress-up is complete with the leopard print scarf thrown over the shoulders. Look at those rocking boots. On top of everything, her confident smile and wild hair just makes everything come together. Absolutely 5 stars.

See the non-designer alternatives for this outfit suggested by BollywoodFashionPolice here

7) Fall 2005 Ready-to-Wear
Oscar de la Renta – Backstage

Beyoncé Knowles and Oscar de la Renta.

I don’t know what to say about this one. Beyonce looks great in this skirt and top combo, but I doubt if I’ll wear that skirt. Crushed, wrinkled kinda fabric is not very flattering and floats away from the body. The top is nice and Beyonce looks casual and comfortable in this one. This outfit was in the ready-to-wear range, which makes sense and the style has been quite a hit for those 2-3 years.

Which ones do you like? Who are your favorite celebrities that you’d like to see here?

Let me know in the comments below. Have fun!



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